Anindyatrans Certified & Sworn Translation Services: Can You Afford Them?

Choose Anindyatrans affordable sworn translator when you need official document translator services. You are probably thinking why you should use the services of a sworn translator although you are already proficient in foreign languages? The simplest answer to your question is that the requirements or rules made by the government, either the country of origin or the country of destination, compel a person or entity to do that.

The purpose of requiring official documents to be translated by a sworn translator is for the purpose of validity and accuracy of meaning of the documents for translation. For your information, a sworn translator reserves the right to be sworn in if he/she has taken the Translator Qualification Test with a score of above 80. A sworn translator even holds a sworn translator appointment letter and the oath ceremony is performed by the regional head at the provincial level.

Official Documents

In which category are official documents included? In order to make it clearer, here are some official documents commonly translated by a sworn translator.

  1. Personal documents (ID cards, family cards, Passports)
  2. Civil Registry documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates)
  3. Academic documents (diplomas, student report cards, academic transcripts)
  4. Freehold Land Titles
  5. Powers of Attorney
  6. Agreements
  7. Tax Returns
  8. Cooperation Contracts
  9. Memorandums of Understanding
  10. Laws and Regulations
  11. Court judgements and orders
  12. Deeds of Establishment
  13. Articles of Association/Bylaws
  14. Intellectual Property Rights
  15. Trademarks
  16. And many more

Advantages of a Sworn Translator

Then, what are the differences between a sworn translator and a non-sworn translator? For more details, here are the differences between a sworn translator and a non-sworn translator.

  1. An affordable sworn translator has the duty not only to translate documents but also to account for the resulting translation so that the original purposes and objectives of the original documents are intact.
  2. The translated documents of a sworn translator are legal, meaning that the translated documents are equal to the original documents. Since the translated documents have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  3. The documents issued by a sworn translator has both official seal and signature affixed on each page.
  4. The documents issued by a sworn translator may be used for official purposes, such as for court proceedings, filing application requirements with the embassies or other foreign institutions.
  5. Although the rates charged by a sworn translator are above the rates charged by a non-sworn translator, the difference is not much. For example, if a non-sworn translator usually charges a flat rate of 40 thousand Indonesian Rupiah per page, then the rate of a sworn translator is 50 thousand Indonesian Rupiah per page.
  6. Moreover, another advantage of using the services of Anindyatrans affordable sworn translator is that you can obtain attestation services at the embassies of neighboring countries existing in Indonesia.

Anindyatrans affordable sworn translator actually provides services for translating general documents, for example papers, fictional texts, technical/engineering documents, e.g. instruction manuals, standard operating procedures, guidelines or business documents, for example correspondences, financial statements, and promotional materials. Since general documents are more personal and unrelated to state institutions, certainly the rates charged on you are cheaper.

If you are looking for a sworn translator service provider to translate official documents or general documents, you may contact 0812 8726 9379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translator Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Cities in Indonesia readyy to translate your documents into English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, and ready to provide attestation services at the embassies after using the affordable sworn translation services.