Anindyatrans, A Translation Service Agency With Quality Translation Services in 8 Languages

Among various sworn translation service agencies, Anindyatrans translator is well-known as one of the top quality agencies. Anindyatrans may sound unfamiliar to you but you cannot underestimate its profile and services. If you are still confused about seeking a quality yet affordable translation service provider, you may ask for its assistance. At competitive rates, you may obtain satisfying results from Anindyatrans, a sworn translation service agency.

Getting To Know Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Agency

As mentioned before, Anindyatrans provides high quality sworn translation. Not only in Bahasa Indonesia and English, it also provides translation services in eight languages. The office of Anindyatrans located in Jakarta also serves its clients online. So that you need not bother coming to the office and may discuss services anywhere you are as long as there is an Internet connection.

Anindyatrans has a mission to bridge language differences that often become an issue faced by clients in their work. It is surely in line with the globalization era that is rapidly expanding. There are many colleagues or companies that now use more than one or even two languages in doing business. Then, there is help from Anindyatrans sworn translator that makes it easy for clients to overcome language barriers.

Anindyatrans Sworn Translator

Then, how about the quality of translators at Anindyatrans? There is no need for you to worry, since they provide young staff with unquestionable language skills. They have experience and discipline in the field of translation. Anindyatrans translator is also ready to satisfy the clients’ needs, as our motto is “We do not translate what is expressed, but we translate what is implied within.

Translation System and Services

In accordance with its motto, Anindyatrans seeks to minimize small translation mistakes. Therefore, in order to avoid any unchecked error, there are least triple checks performed on the resulting translation. The checks cover spelling, typing, and translation-related matters. So that when given back to the clients’ hands, the documents are truly free from mistakes.

Since it was founded in 2007, Anindyatrans has now provided various kinds of services to clients. For translation of texts, they will accept them in various forms or media, such as books, documents, brochures, certificates, etc. Not only that, those needing translation in forms other than in writing may request it from Anindyatrans. It is because they provide other services, such as interpreting and subtitling services.

Do you need help with attestation of documents? Do not worry, for Anindyatrans also serves attestation requests to the Notary Public, embassies, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and relevant institutions or agencies. In order for the resulting translation to be properly packaged, Anindyatrans uses programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer, Ulead Video, and software helping with other translation processes.

Rates and Contacts at Anindyatrans

If other translation agencies charge rates by the number of words or characters, then Anindyatrans calculate them by the number of pages. The resulting translation will be printed out on an 80 grams A4 paper. The font size is 12 with the Courier New font and double space. If you are interested in using Anindyatrans translation services, please immediately contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia.



5 Distinct Advantages of Anindyatrans Sworn Translator

Using sworn translation services is an effective way to translae documents within a relatively short time. You have now been able to find service providers with sworn translators. In addition, sworn translators have several advantages over non-certified translators. For more details, let us check five advantages that you will get from sworn translators below.

Quality Translation Results

Service providers that provides sworn translators surely have a much better experience. They have already handled various clients in the matter of decades. This makes them more capable and skilled in translating documents, as their vocabulary keeps expanding. You can see it from some translation results they had done. Not only flawless in diction but also not affecting the meaning of the text. Service agencies that have already clocked many hours have clients both domestically and abroad.

Non-Use of Translation Tools

Translation tools such as Google Translate indeed seem efficient. On the other hand, the tools have disadvantages because the results are not always accurate. Therefore, sworn translators generally do not use any translating tools in the translation process. Their translation is one hundred percent the result of their own thinking. That way, you will obtain exclusive translation results that do not look stiff although the language is formal. Do not worry, as the translators have already used translation standards.

Client’s Confidentiality Is Maintained

If you use sworn translation services, important documents provided by you will be kept confidential and secure. So if you want to ask for help with the translation of scientific journals or archives relevant to patents, do not hesitate or worry. It is because sworn translators will work professionally. In addition, they have also been bound by their own code of ethics that should not be violated. You may discuss this with the translation service agency so that you will not have to worry.

Free Correction

Even a sworn translator is not free from mistakes when doing his/her job. If you find some mistakes, do not hesitate to ask for a correction to the translator in question. Unfortunately, there are still clients who think that they must pay for a correction. In fact, some translation service providers do not charge any rate for such a correction. On the other hand, it may be said that translation errors rarely occur. It is because translators will carefully examine their work before showing it to the client.

Competitive Translation Rate

The average rate charged for translation is IDR100.000 per page. The rate is usually charged for translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Thus, the higher the level of difficulty of the foreign language to be translated, the higher the rate will be. However, the amount of rate is equal to the result you want. Another advantage to be gained is the sworn seal affixed to your document. It means that the translation performed is internationally recognized.

Have you already been convinced to use sworn translation services after knowing their advantages? Then it is time for you to contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia. As mentioned above, sworn translation services of Anindyatrans provides translation in various languages at affordable rates.



Should Diplomas Be Translated By A Sworn Translator?

A Diploma Translator has the duty to translate official Indonesian academic certificates, the purpose of which is to complete the requirements for filing foreign scholarship forms. In general, the diplomas to be translated are senior high school diplomas, academic transcripts, undergraduate degree diplomas, CVs, etc. So that scholarship hunters will need the assistance of experienced translator services capable of providing guarantee that the translation of such documents may be accepted by the relevant foreign embassy or university.

Limited Information Complicates the Search

Although it is possible to find one through the Google search engine, in fact finding a translation service provider to translate official documents as mentioned above, as well as personal documents, such as ID Cards, Family Cards, Birth Certificates and others properly is not an easy feat. Many service users feel confused and unsure when it comes to selecting one of the exising translation services. Starting from the consideration of legality status up to pricing.

Considering that the translation of documents as mentioned above needs handling by a sworn translator. Therefore, it is not a new thing if finding information on sworn translators becomes one of the hardest things to do when using the internet. This is because some translators whose information appears on the websites do not include the information you need. For example, translation capacity, currently valid sworn translator permit, and the existence as well as the person in charge and translators of the relevant translation office or service.

A Diploma Translator Must Hold An Official Permit

A sworn translator service provider that may be trusted to translate diplomas and a number of similar documents must be one that has obtained credentials and has passed the sworn translator qualification test, which is certified by the Decree of Jakarta Governor.

Regarding this fact, you can actually perform a search using the keyword “sworn translator“. However, if you are still not confident, then you can also ask the relevant translator to show you the sworn translator certificate held by such translator service provider. God forbid that when you use the services, you have been fooled by the signature and seal that were not made by a sworn translator. Do not forget that you should also ask the sworn translator service provider whose services you usually use to send the draft of your translated document to you for examination before being officially sealed and printed and then sent to you.

Please call 0812 8726 9379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Cities in Indonesia may help you to be convinced that the translation service provider you are going to use later to translate diplomas, academic transcripts and personal documents and other personal documents supporting the scholarship forms is truly a sworn or a certified translator.

You should also be careful with rogue agencies claiming their services as sworn or certified translation service providers that offer prices far below the acceptable standards. Given the current situation that many rogue agencies cut their prices just to get customers. Unfortunately, the quality or the validity of translation produced and delivered to you cannot be accounted for. Because actually translation is not as easy as falling of a log, so that a translation service provider must have really known how to appreciate its efforts in translating any document. So the most important thing you should remember is that when you want quality, you should not be tempted by cheap translation offers widely promoted on the internet.

After understanding the discussion above, surely finding a Diploma Translator who is actually a sworn translator is no longer a difficult thing, isn’t it?



3 Top Features of Anindyatrans Translator

The emergence of translation service providers makes this business eyed by many people. However, not all translation service providers have reliable standards, as proven by Anindyatrans. There are many features offered by Anindyatrans translator when you select it as your company’s vendor. Individual tasks are also accepted at this translation service provider.

In line with the motto of Anindyatrans, i.e. we do not translate what is expressed, but we translate what is implied in it. It may be concluded that the customer or client satisfaction is a main priority that continues to be maintained. Particularly for getting accurate translation.

At least there are 3 features offered by Anindyatrans translator to you prospective business partners or clients interested in using its services, namely:

  1. Anindyatrans Translator Minimizes Errors

What differentiates it from other translation service providers is that its translators have passed the qualitication test. So that they will minimize any error often regarded as common or insignificant by other translators.

  1. Translation Phases Are Always Observed

Not only translating texts, at Anindyatrans the client’s texts to be translated will have to undergo 3 strict phases. This is performed to get accurate translation and minimize any error in construing the words. The phases consist of text checking performed by the relevant translator, and then continued with the grammar checking, so that the translators of Anindyatrans also check any spelling error in a sentence.

  1. Easy to Use Software

Unlike other translation service providers, Anindyatrans makes it easy for its clients, namely the use of software commonly known and widely used in Indonesia, e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Page Maker, Trados, etc.

In addition to the three features of Anindyatrans translator above, another feature is its competitive price. Where the service rates are determined on a per page basis, not on a per word or character basis. Moreover, the guarantee of free revision makes it far superior to its competitors. Therefore, if you are interested, you may contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia.

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What Truly Defines a Sworn Translator and How It Affects Your Personal and Commercial Affairs

Everyone is born with their own excellence and uniqueness. Some were born with a flair for language, and some can master a musical instrument effortlessly. For those gifted with excellent language skills, why are not they interested in becoming one of millions of people calling themselves sworn translators?

However, not everyone knows the definition of Sworn Translator. This is because among the society, someone with the ability to translate a language is called a translator. It appears that translators are categorized into two types, namely freelance translators and sworn translators working for a reliable translation service provider. Then, what are the differences and definitions of both types of translator.

Based on the definition of Sworn Translator, it may be construed as a translator passing the Translation Proficiency Qualification Test. After they are declared eligible for certification, the translators will be sworn in by the proper Governor or a trusted official designated to perform the oath ceremony.

The test will be held by the Faculty of Cultural Studies of the University of Indonesia, and for the passing requirements, you should get an A or a minimum accumulative score of 80. Typically these translators are needed for dealing with a number of documents related to domestic and international immigration affairs. Other documents may be in the form of birth certificates, sale and purchase agreements or commercial notes between companies.

Thus, are they any different from regular,uncertified translators? Just like many freelance translators you may usually find around large campuses. Actually, all translators are people possessing great skills that are highly needed by others. However, freelance translators usually do not attend any specialized education or test. They were born with a flair for language and supported with their ability to improve their expertise in the translation field.

The rates offered by freelance translators are usually well below those of sworn translators. However, in order to get maximum results, you may contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia. 

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