Chinese Translation Jakarta

chinese characterChinese Translation Jakarta under the management of Anindyatrans with branches in Batam, Bandung,  Semarang, Surabaya always work professionally. In the translation process, the translators always follow several steps. The stages include the following:

Preparation of material translation, at this stage, the translator prepared the material to be translated. In addition, some supporting references such as dictionaries and reference books also need to be prepared. Dictionaries are prepared to be adapted to the material to be translated. For example, if the material to be translated in the form of a legal document, the translator must prepare a legal dictionary and a variety of supporting references. Similarly, if the translator had to translate scientific documents or material in the form of research, they should prepare a dictionary or glossary of scientific as physics, chemistry, biology, and others.

Analysis, at this stage, the translator must learn as well as analyzing the source material to be translated. Translators must understand the context of the source language and the style of language used. In addition, the translator must also understand who the client is and what the purpose of the document to be translated.

Translation, after analyzing the source language, a translator can begin the process of translation to translate the translation material.

Editing, after all finished material is translated, the translator will edit material that has been translated. Translators will be carefully reviewing the entire matter, ranging from the typo (typographical error) to review the accuracy of the context of the source language of the translation. If discrepancies are found between the source language and the translation, the translator will soon revise it.

With the translation stage as mentioned above, Chinese translator who joined in Anindyatrans always, produce high quality translation results.

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