3 Top Features of Anindyatrans Translator

The emergence of translation service providers makes this business eyed by many people. However, not all translation service providers have reliable standards, as proven by Anindyatrans. There are many features offered by Anindyatrans translator when you select it as your company’s vendor. Individual tasks are also accepted at this translation service provider.

In line with the motto of Anindyatrans, i.e. we do not translate what is expressed, but we translate what is implied in it. It may be concluded that the customer or client satisfaction is a main priority that continues to be maintained. Particularly for getting accurate translation.

At least there are 3 features offered by Anindyatrans translator to you prospective business partners or clients interested in using its services, namely:

  1. Anindyatrans Translator Minimizes Errors

What differentiates it from other translation service providers is that its translators have passed the qualitication test. So that they will minimize any error often regarded as common or insignificant by other translators.

  1. Translation Phases Are Always Observed

Not only translating texts, at Anindyatrans the client’s texts to be translated will have to undergo 3 strict phases. This is performed to get accurate translation and minimize any error in construing the words. The phases consist of text checking performed by the relevant translator, and then continued with the grammar checking, so that the translators of Anindyatrans also check any spelling error in a sentence.

  1. Easy to Use Software

Unlike other translation service providers, Anindyatrans makes it easy for its clients, namely the use of software commonly known and widely used in Indonesia, e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Page Maker, Trados, etc.

In addition to the three features of Anindyatrans translator above, another feature is its competitive price. Where the service rates are determined on a per page basis, not on a per word or character basis. Moreover, the guarantee of free revision makes it far superior to its competitors. Therefore, if you are interested, you may contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia.

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