Important Factors To Consider When Hiring Sworn English Translation Services

Sworn Translator Services Anindyatrans Jakarta

Sworn Translator Services Anindyatrans Jakarta

A sworn english translator has the role of converting a particular language to English in what is called an official translation that requires the translator to be certified. This is particularly in official documents written in other languages and need to be translated to English; the sworn translator first translates the document to English, signs it and seals it, granting it full legal validity hence can be used in court. There are many sworn english translators jakarta, but not all of them are as efficient as they claim.

Sworn translators are different from the normal translators as their main aim is not usually for someone to understand the language as a whole but deal with it in context of the text before them that has been written in a foreign language. They are mainly helpful to businesses or firms that are involved in a lot of foreign deals. The great thing about having a sworn translator is that they simply deliver a new document in English but still has the same meaning as the original.

What to consider when hiring a sworn translator in Indonesia

Since there are many companies and individuals that are providing sworn translation services, it may be a bit tricky to select one that suits you best. Here are a few tips that can guide you in your quest of finding an excellent sworn translator;

  • You first need to verify if their translation to English is as good as they say. If you have the time, you can engage them in a discussion or written work that will need translation and rate their skills from that.
  • Their charges for the translation services they offer you should be reasonable and within the market price for sworn translation services.
  • They should possess a good reputation and have experience that will enable them handle any kind of document with precise diligence and produce quality translation results.


A sworn English translator Jakarta plays a vital role in the capital of Indonesia. Before one hires them to do any translation to english, they should be careful and only choose the very best as a lot of crucial documents are usually in their hands.

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