Should Diplomas Be Translated By A Sworn Translator?

A Diploma Translator has the duty to translate official Indonesian academic certificates, the purpose of which is to complete the requirements for filing foreign scholarship forms. In general, the diplomas to be translated are senior high school diplomas, academic transcripts, undergraduate degree diplomas, CVs, etc. So that scholarship hunters will need the assistance of experienced translator services capable of providing guarantee that the translation of such documents may be accepted by the relevant foreign embassy or university.

Limited Information Complicates the Search

Although it is possible to find one through the Google search engine, in fact finding a translation service provider to translate official documents as mentioned above, as well as personal documents, such as ID Cards, Family Cards, Birth Certificates and others properly is not an easy feat. Many service users feel confused and unsure when it comes to selecting one of the exising translation services. Starting from the consideration of legality status up to pricing.

Considering that the translation of documents as mentioned above needs handling by a sworn translator. Therefore, it is not a new thing if finding information on sworn translators becomes one of the hardest things to do when using the internet. This is because some translators whose information appears on the websites do not include the information you need. For example, translation capacity, currently valid sworn translator permit, and the existence as well as the person in charge and translators of the relevant translation office or service.

A Diploma Translator Must Hold An Official Permit

A sworn translator service provider that may be trusted to translate diplomas and a number of similar documents must be one that has obtained credentials and has passed the sworn translator qualification test, which is certified by the Decree of Jakarta Governor.

Regarding this fact, you can actually perform a search using the keyword “sworn translator“. However, if you are still not confident, then you can also ask the relevant translator to show you the sworn translator certificate held by such translator service provider. God forbid that when you use the services, you have been fooled by the signature and seal that were not made by a sworn translator. Do not forget that you should also ask the sworn translator service provider whose services you usually use to send the draft of your translated document to you for examination before being officially sealed and printed and then sent to you.

Please call 0812 8726 9379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Cities in Indonesia may help you to be convinced that the translation service provider you are going to use later to translate diplomas, academic transcripts and personal documents and other personal documents supporting the scholarship forms is truly a sworn or a certified translator.

You should also be careful with rogue agencies claiming their services as sworn or certified translation service providers that offer prices far below the acceptable standards. Given the current situation that many rogue agencies cut their prices just to get customers. Unfortunately, the quality or the validity of translation produced and delivered to you cannot be accounted for. Because actually translation is not as easy as falling of a log, so that a translation service provider must have really known how to appreciate its efforts in translating any document. So the most important thing you should remember is that when you want quality, you should not be tempted by cheap translation offers widely promoted on the internet.

After understanding the discussion above, surely finding a Diploma Translator who is actually a sworn translator is no longer a difficult thing, isn’t it?



3 Effective Ways to Become a Reliable Diploma Translator

In this modern era, mastering a number of foreign languages becomes a plus for anyone looking for a job at a large corporation. However, becoming a reliable translator is not as easy as falling off a log. It takes a few steps to reach the desire to become a great translator, such as a reliable diploma translator sought after by numerous prestigious companies.

If you are one of those people desiring to become a great translator, this article will give 3 effective solutions that will make you a high quality translator, namely:

  1. Familiarize Yourself With the Translation Text

In order to master a language usually someone will be advised to familiarize himself/herself to use or learn the language. This is the first step for a person to become a high quality translator. Familiarizing yourself with the translation text will train you to become an excellent translator. Translating a text requires expertise in determining the proper equivalent of the source language in the target language, so that the translation will not produce a different meaning.

  1. Continue Your Education in the Field of Language

One of the requirements for a reliable diploma translator is continuing higher education in the language department. So that the basics of language translation will be studied more comprehensively in college.

  1. Improve Your Competence

As a great translator, you should endeavor to improve yourself in the field of language. Where you should keep yourself updated on information relevant to the language that you wish to master.

However, if becoming a translator is too difficult for you, there is an alternative. In this modern age, a professional and trustworthy diploma translator is available. You may contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia.

You no longer have to think much harder when facing obstacles in translating any office text, document or correspondence. All you have to do is calling the translation service provider above. Do not let the language problem hinder your business or work, which eventually ends up bad. The language problem may be resolved if you choose a high quality translation service provider. The price will be a second priority, when the quality is unquestionable.

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