Why Hire a Sworn Document Translator?

sworn document translator anindyatrans

sworn document translator anindyatrans

Why should you consider hiring a sworn document translator? Whether you simply have too much to do to translate your own texts or you do not feel confident enough in your foreign language abilities, hiring an experienced document translator can help you to save time and work more productively. 

What Is a Sworn Document Translator?

Anyone can say that he or she is a translator. Unfortunately, there are no quality assurances when simply hiring a translator. Only those individuals who have met the most stringent quality standards are publicly appointed or authorized by a government to be called a sworn document translator. Such translators are then allowed to confirm or attest to the accuracy of a translated document in the country in which they are authorized to do so.

This is required in many countries. For instance, in Brazil, a document written in a foreign language must first be legalized by the Brazilian Consular Office and then translated by a sworn translator registered with the Board of Trade in Brazil in order for that document to be declared legally valid. 

Benefits of Hiring a Sworn Translator

While there are many individuals and people offering translation services, hiring a sworn translator ensures trustworthy results. Furthermore, in many countries, such as Brazil, working with a sworn document translator may be the only way to ensure the document is declared legally valid. 

When hiring an experienced sworn translator, you can be assured of their experience as well as their expertise. This is because such translators must undergo extensive training and observation in order to be declared a sworn translator. Not only does hiring a sworn translator ensure legal validity in many countries around the world, but doing so can also help to save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. 

Anindyatrans is a sworn translation office capable of translating all kinds of documents in various languages, such as German, Dutch, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malay, etc.  We have branches in several Indonesian cities, such as Batam, Surabaya, Bekasi, Bali, Makassar, Bogor, Semarang, Bandung, Balikpapan, Depok, Medan.

For more info, you can reach us at +622122876590; +62218452261; +6281287269379.

2 Shocking Differences Between A Sworn Translator and A Freelance Translator That They Don’t Want You To Know

Do you know the differences between a sworn translator and a freelance translator? Both types of translator may look the same to the public. It is usually the cheapest translator service that they are looking for. However, the quality of translation becomes a priority, particularly for multinational companies.

So far, there have only been few cases of protest filed against the resulting translations of freelance or self-employed translators. This is because not all resulting translations produced by freelancers are dissapointing. However, you should know the differences between a sworn translator and a freelance translator, so that you may be able to decide on which translation service to use. Their differences are as follows:

  1. Certification Test

Certified translators are those who are recogized in writing and evidenced by a certificate. The certificate may be obtained by means of a long and rather difficult test. Just imagine, it is estimated that there is only five to ten percent of translators taking the test who will obtain recognition, due to the satisfying test results. The rest will be expected to take the test again.

Those passing the test will receive the title of Sworn Translator and will be sworn in as a sworn translator who will work professionally at a company or a private enterprise. Meanwhile, freelance translators do not hold any certificate. They tend to undertake translation on a regular basis. Some of them finally decided to take the certification test in order to gain recognition.

  1. Sworn Document Translators Are Paid More

Sworn document translators usually receive higher fees for their services in comparison to the freelance translators. This is because, as someone holding the title of Sworn Translator, they deserve to gain more recognition, due to the quality and accountability of their translation.

If you are interested in using the services of a sworn document translator, you may contact us at 0812 8726 9379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages at 8 Major Cities in Indonesia. Not only trustworthy domestically, Anindyatrans is well-known internationally with high quality and undoubtful translation. Are you still thinking of payment issues when quality is your main priority?

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