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flagAbout us Chinese Translator Jakarta. In order to respond the growth of demand for Chinese translation and interpreting services we decided to launch this website with purpose to  answer those demands. Anindyatrans, as one of translation & interpreting services in Jakarta has the obligation to bridge the communication from China companies when they are going to make contract, agreement or a Chinese professional who wants going to work in Indonesia. We often used by our clients for translating such documents, Notary Establishment Deed of legal entities, Article of Associations, Contracts / Agreements, Manuals, Brochures, or personal legal documents such as Birth Certificates, and many others. Translation may be divided into a Regular or Sworn for your official or non official documents.

We recently have been approved to provide interpreting service at Law Enforcement Institutions such as Police, Prosecutors, including Corruption Eradication Commission, and Courts. This is a prove that we are one of trusted Chinese Translator in Jakarta.

We began this business in Jakarta Indonesia as a small translation company in 2001. Initially, having provided basic translation services we have steadily grown to be an enterprise with an international client base from all parts of the world. We have catered to Chinese, Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia translation needs of a range of clients such as multinational business entities, ZTE, Fujian Ceramics, Electrolux, etc. who most of their  suppliers are from China. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors and professors and engineer who wants to apply for work permit or Chinese citizen to get marriage in Indonesia.

Building relationships of mutual trust and gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction is a priority in our business. Overall, we assure that the customer feels that a service beyond expectations is achieved and that an excellent value for investment has been obtained.

Our constant corporate growth justifies the value of our business philosophies.

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