great wallWe provide Chinese translation, interpreting and subtitling services from Chinese to English, bahasa Indonesia or other languages by a Chinese sworn or non sworn translators or interpreter and for Chinese Interpreter Services we have a Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesian Police Force (Headquarter, Regional to Precincts) for providing Interpreter for more than 9 (nine) languages. Probably we are the only one who most of time can send Chinese interpreter or other languages in short notice (within 2 hours). This time North Jakarta Police Resort (Polres Jakarta Utara) ask us to provide a Linguist (expert in Bahasa) to define the meaning (and its wing words) that could also lead to other interpretation.

The common case for Chinese interpreter services is someone reporting, he in his capacity of Director (of a company / organization) was misleadingly published in written (through electronic social media) by unauthorized person that he is terminated / discontinued / fired from the company / organization, the sentence was in BAHASA, thus Police require Language Expert to interpret to Chinese or other languages. The Meaning (literally as well as other meaning) that the “sentence being published” is violating the law in Article 310 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code Article 45 paragraph (1) jo. Article 27 paragraph (3) of the Act ITE – Pencemaran Nama Baik (Pasal 310 ayat( 1) KUHP) dan (Pasal 45 ayat (1) jo 27 ayat (3) IT Law. Testimony from Chinese interpreter as an EXPERT shall be made under oath of your expertise and we are as registered company shall be responsible to provide the Police a Chinese language expert.

We specialize in providing

1. Chinese, English and Bahasa Indonesia Translation Services.
2. Chinese, English and Bahasa Indonesia Interpreting Services.
3. Chinese, English and Bahasa Indonesia Subtitling Services.
4. Chinese, English and Bahasa Indonesia Legalization Services.

Trust your Chinese, English or Bahasa Indonesia language translation need to us and we will always ready to assist you. Our translators are Chinese native we do not compromise on quality and always utilize the best translators available after a rigorous selection process. We provide Chinese translation services at the most competitive price.

3 comments to “Services”
  1. i need a female translator (Inodnesian-Chinese).
    i need her work start from this Thur, Fri, and next weekdays.
    could you please send me the quotation and detail arrangement?

  2. Need to translate a 63 pages geology document From Indonesia Bahasa to Simplified Chinese. In this doc, wordings only 50%, and no complicated sentences, mostly bullet points, tables etc. The rest 50% are Charts, Maps, Graphs, so should be easy and fast for such translation.
    Need this job to be done URGENTLY.
    Can you pls give me the time to complete and quotation?
    I’m in Jakarta now. Mobile 0812-85019558

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