3 Major Reasons To Look for Sworn Translation Services

Sworn Translation Services are quite crucial in different aspects and environments. Even with the existence of English an international language, other languages remain relevant within and among communities. This is where the importance of translators come in. however, having the ability to translate speech or text from a language to another does not mean that one is necessarily competent enough to translate all types of documents. Sworn Translation Services are services offered by professional bodies, whereby the translator provides a sworn affirmation that whatever they produce (document, speech) is an honest translation of the original material. So to speak, they do so under an oath. The said translation should bear the exact same meaning carried by the original or version in another language. However, what are some of the areas where Certified Translation Services may be required?

Translation of Business Materials

Business slogans, for example, are quite important as far as the brand’s reputation and popularity is concerned. However, a direct translation of the slogan from a language to another may lead to a misinterpretation of the original meaning thereby leading to confusion in communication. Likewise, a professional interpreter may be needed to translate original copies of business documents such as contracts, mandates, certificates, licenses or such other legal documents into one that can be better understood by a recipient in question. A simple misrepresentation or error in translation could potentially lead to huge losses in business and customer base [1].

Accurate Translation for Legal Documents

In addition to preserving meaning, legal documents such as court decisions, or others like statements, speeches, and certificates may require being translated for an intended party that speaks a different language to better understand them. After translation, they should be free from errors and while carrying the intended meaning from the original document without bias.

Certification and Authenticity

Especially for legal documents, translated material requires being endorsed by a certified interpreter as true and certified copy of the original. For instance, some educational institutions require certified true copies of certificates such as like previous academic certificates, diplomas, birth certificate [2]. Others such as marriage certificates or death notifications need to be authentic and legitimate. There is a huge difference between a translated document and one that is translated and certified by a sworn translator, who may be contacted to affirm or prove that such a document is actually legitimate. These are just some of the reasons one should rely on a qualified, certified and experienced individual or organization for Sworn Translation Services.


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