Chinese Interpreter Service

Chinese Interpreter Service

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Chinese Interpreter ServiceChinese Interpreter Service are classified as foreign language services, although there are small groups of Indonesian citizens whose mother tongue is Chinese. In the bilateral relations in connection with the international crime investigation, Chinese Interpreter Services are intended for the relevant language mastery and use efforts, particularly for police investigation, court or trial to understands witness testimony in addressing the cases, so that Indonesians authority can utilize information in the Chinese language. Thus, this language is considered as a tool for accelerating the development such cases and as a tool of communications with other nations, in this case the Chinese people in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and elsewhere.

Chinese Interpreter Service represent the bridge of science and technology utilization in the globalization era. As for the purpose of Interpreter Service it is to interpret legal conversation in Police Investigation, Court Hearing and Official Meeting.
However, the purpose of international relations is to understand the culture, customs and Chinese habits through the language. This purpose needs to be highlighted, considering that there is a considerable number of Indonesian people of Chinese descent and their roles in the economic field is predominant with the cultural understanding through language, it is expected that all Indonesian people, either natives or non-natives of Chinese descent.

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