Proven Strategies for Selecting the Appropriate Sworn Translation Services

A sworn translator office is needed to translate important or official documents originating in foreign languages, such as English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. into Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa as handled by 0812 8726 9379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Services in 8 Languages 8 Cities in Indonesia.

However, it is not easy way to find the appropriate certified or sworn translator office. Moreover, with the increasingly tight competition in the translation world lately, many parties claiming themselves as certified translators tend to give prices far below the generally accepted standards of translation rates. So, it is important to pay attention to the following things when you want to use the services of a sworn translator properly.

Pay Attention to What You Need

Generally there are two important things that require you to use sworn translation services, namely:

  • Confidentiality of Translation Documents

Documents of which translations need secrecy so that other parties having no authority over the documents will be prevented from being exposed to such documents. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate sworn translation services. Several examples of documents that are, by nature, confidential, mean agreements that require confidentiality, strategic documents of the company, personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, ID Cards, etc.

  • Endorsement Requirement

The document to be translated by a sworn translator will obtain endorsement as a statement that the resulting translation is truly and officially used in the matters of law, police, school, court and other official purposes. As for the endorsement thereof, it is usually affixed at the end of the document in the form of statement of the sworn translator and the signature and official seal thereof.

Choose Wisely

Do your documents need a sworn translator according to the above criteria? If so, please pay attention to the strategies of choosing the appropriate sworn translator below:

  • Notice the Legality Status of the Target Translator Office

A sworn translator office or agency having a legal status such as CV or PT or having a Indonesian Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) is more preferable for your choosing. Especially if the company has specific rules concerning the vendor selection. Invoices are documents to be issued by the employer officially and in an accountable manner.

  • Notice the Validity of Status of the Translator

Asking for the company profile of the sworn translator agency to identify whether the relevant translator truly has qualifications may become a necessary step. Recognizing the sworn translator services to be used by you may be done by using the Google search engine. Conduct an in-depth research on various information relevant to the translator services to be selected by you. Make sure that there really is a translator who will be working on your document, not just a seal and a name. Considering that nowadays there are many translator websites that do not specify the names of translators joined in them.

  • Submission of Requirements

You must also submit requirements before appointing a translator, e.g. requirements related to the deadline, payment and various other things necessary in advance prior to selecting one of the available sworn translation services. For the deadline, you may also discuss it with the sworn translation services used, whether the desired deadline is feasible or not.

If you have already understood the steps above, please start considering your choice of Sworn Translator Office.


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