5 Distinct Advantages of Anindyatrans Sworn Translator

Using sworn translation services is an effective way to translae documents within a relatively short time. You have now been able to find service providers with sworn translators. In addition, sworn translators have several advantages over non-certified translators. For more details, let us check five advantages that you will get from sworn translators below.

Quality Translation Results

Service providers that provides sworn translators surely have a much better experience. They have already handled various clients in the matter of decades. This makes them more capable and skilled in translating documents, as their vocabulary keeps expanding. You can see it from some translation results they had done. Not only flawless in diction but also not affecting the meaning of the text. Service agencies that have already clocked many hours have clients both domestically and abroad.

Non-Use of Translation Tools

Translation tools such as Google Translate indeed seem efficient. On the other hand, the tools have disadvantages because the results are not always accurate. Therefore, sworn translators generally do not use any translating tools in the translation process. Their translation is one hundred percent the result of their own thinking. That way, you will obtain exclusive translation results that do not look stiff although the language is formal. Do not worry, as the translators have already used translation standards.

Client’s Confidentiality Is Maintained

If you use sworn translation services, important documents provided by you will be kept confidential and secure. So if you want to ask for help with the translation of scientific journals or archives relevant to patents, do not hesitate or worry. It is because sworn translators will work professionally. In addition, they have also been bound by their own code of ethics that should not be violated. You may discuss this with the translation service agency so that you will not have to worry.

Free Correction

Even a sworn translator is not free from mistakes when doing his/her job. If you find some mistakes, do not hesitate to ask for a correction to the translator in question. Unfortunately, there are still clients who think that they must pay for a correction. In fact, some translation service providers do not charge any rate for such a correction. On the other hand, it may be said that translation errors rarely occur. It is because translators will carefully examine their work before showing it to the client.

Competitive Translation Rate

The average rate charged for translation is IDR100.000 per page. The rate is usually charged for translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Thus, the higher the level of difficulty of the foreign language to be translated, the higher the rate will be. However, the amount of rate is equal to the result you want. Another advantage to be gained is the sworn seal affixed to your document. It means that the translation performed is internationally recognized.

Have you already been convinced to use sworn translation services after knowing their advantages? Then it is time for you to contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider in 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia. As mentioned above, sworn translation services of Anindyatrans provides translation in various languages at affordable rates.



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