What Truly Defines a Sworn Translator and How It Affects Your Personal and Commercial Affairs

Everyone is born with their own excellence and uniqueness. Some were born with a flair for language, and some can master a musical instrument effortlessly. For those gifted with excellent language skills, why are not they interested in becoming one of millions of people calling themselves sworn translators?

However, not everyone knows the definition of Sworn Translator. This is because among the society, someone with the ability to translate a language is called a translator. It appears that translators are categorized into two types, namely freelance translators and sworn translators working for a reliable translation service provider. Then, what are the differences and definitions of both types of translator.

Based on the definition of Sworn Translator, it may be construed as a translator passing the Translation Proficiency Qualification Test. After they are declared eligible for certification, the translators will be sworn in by the proper Governor or a trusted official designated to perform the oath ceremony.

The test will be held by the Faculty of Cultural Studies of the University of Indonesia, and for the passing requirements, you should get an A or a minimum accumulative score of 80. Typically these translators are needed for dealing with a number of documents related to domestic and international immigration affairs. Other documents may be in the form of birth certificates, sale and purchase agreements or commercial notes between companies.

Thus, are they any different from regular,uncertified translators? Just like many freelance translators you may usually find around large campuses. Actually, all translators are people possessing great skills that are highly needed by others. However, freelance translators usually do not attend any specialized education or test. They were born with a flair for language and supported with their ability to improve their expertise in the translation field.

The rates offered by freelance translators are usually well below those of sworn translators. However, in order to get maximum results, you may contact 081287269379 Anindyatrans Sworn Translation Service Provider 8 Languages 8 Major Cities in Indonesia. 

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